Blinken suggests the US could accept Ukrainian strikes in Russia with American weapons

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The first of the two packages mentioned it was $50 million in support of Moldova’s industry and government, as well as democratic processes. Blinken mentioned the energy and agriculture sectors and the need to combat disinformation.

“What is so powerful here is the deep and rooted commitment to democracy in the face of bullying by Russia,” Blinken said.

Ms. Sandu thanked Blinken for American help in fighting corruption, building renewable energy infrastructure and addressing the “adversities of democracy,” a nod to Russian election interference.

The second aid package mentioned amounted to $85 million to help Moldova increase its energy resilience and reduce its dependence on electricity generated in a Russian-backed breakaway region in the east, Transnistria. This support would help Moldova strengthen its battery storage capabilities and high-voltage transmission lines, among other energy needs, Blinken said.

Moldova recently stopped depending on natural gas imports from Russia and now buys gas from numerous countries, including the United States.

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